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Our Body Treatments feature Volcanic Ash clay from the Aleutian Islands, off the coast of Alaska.


Microscopic particles from the ash that have settled in the ground for hundreds of years absorb into the skin and remove toxins. As a result, the skin’s underlying tissues release fluids used to dilute those toxins.


When the fluids recede, the tissues become more compact and tighter, leaving the skin firmer and more refreshed.


Volcanic Ash Cellulite Treatment                                           $75 (45 minutes)


This Earth-based treatment includes a dry brushing, cleansing, exfoliation, mud masque and organic body lotion.  The dimpled skin appears tighter and smoother.



Volcanic Ash Body Treatment                                                 $115 (1 hour)


This holistic treatment includes a dry brushing and mud masque on the arms, legs, and back.   The body is then wrapped in a thermal blanket for about 15 minutes.  Dried clay is removed with moist warm towels, and an organic body lotion is applied.  Your skin will feet soft and supple.

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